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About Hakobiya:

Hakobiya is a new technology platform, developed by PicUApp in Japan, with the desire to help consumers order notebooks online between countries, currently between Vietnam and Japan. The application helps to connect users who want to buy genuine hand luggage and tourists to Vietnam or Japan who want to sell luggage balance to increase their income. This will be a completely FREE experience that helps you to order your notebooks easily, safely, and quickly with super-saving costs in today’s technology era.

Hakobiya is a smartphone shopping app that is available on Android with over 50,000 users. As a mobile shopping platform, Hakobiya offers customers a genuine portable shopping experience that places an online purchase order and secure payment with Paypal.

With the belief to bring 2-in-1 services to users who love to buy notebooks and tourists, it will contribute to changing the modern shopping style and increasing income for tourists, the company has built Successfully, the most complete and innovative infrastructure to serve all customers. Hakobiya is the leading Japanese company in Vietnam to provide the service of buying genuine portable shopping app. Through strategic cooperation with partners and financial institutions, Hakobiya acts as an extension arm carrying Buy-in-Carry service from countries like Japan, Myanmar, Australia, Vietnam and connecting. community.

How does HAKOBIYA’s operation bring many benefits to consumers?

Users experience the convenience of buying and receiving goods quickly, the traveler (traveler) will receive orders from the requester (requester) in accordance with the flight schedule. Integrated messaging feature, helping requesters and tourists easily exchange information directly on the application. Make secure, fast transactions when paying with Paypal. Get genuine goods with invoices and full documents from buyers. Tourists will receive a bonus for successful order fulfillment.

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